IT is in the lifeblood of every business, and someone needs to look after it.  However, not every organisation can employ a resident IT professional. 

With enough IT knowhow, some prefer to do it themselves.  (Nothing that Google cannot answer, right?)  But would you agree that the time you spend on IT is better allocated to managing and growing your core business?

CP3 IT Services is run and operated by an IT professional who have dealt with various organisations, end users, and vendors throughout his career.  He knows the frustrations caused by the always changing IT-scape.  Getting immediate help is a common challenge.  Talking to someone guided by a script adds to the pain.

Once you engage our services, we will get to know your business and your users.  Through this, we can customise and personalise our service and tailor it to your specific requirements.  You don’t pay for fixed monthly services. It’s like having an IT Manager on a Pay-As-You-Go plan. And yes, all delivered in a friendly manner. 


Location:  Greystanes, NSW

Mission:  Assist businesses, companies, and organisations in managing IT, so they can focus on their own missions and visions.

Vision:  Business organisations, small, mid, and large, utilising their resources to give back to the community.

Slogan:  CP3 IT Services gets your IT sorted!

The Dream

CP3 IT Services was a dream etched in the mind of its owner, Carlito “Jason” Panis III (LinkedIn).

When he worked as a junior software programmer at a small accounting company back in 1994, he declared to a colleague, “Someday, I’ll start my own company tagged with my initials CP3.  I don’t know what the company will be like and what products or services it will serve, but be on the lookout for CP3 in the future!”  The declaration was replied with a chuckle, “Yeah, maybe someday I’ll be wearing a CP3 underwear!” [The dream initiated by pride and ego.]

Having not finished his college degree, he struggled with landing other high-paying jobs and positions.  Often he’ll pass exams with flying colours and get into the final interviews, only to be turned away after learning he doesn’t hold a degree.  “Someday, I’ll start my own company and employ people not basing on educational or academic merit alone.”  [The dream driven by rebellion.]

Decades passed and he worked for several organisations at different countries (Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia/Singapore, and Australia).  He held different IT positions and amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field.  During the course of these years, he also attained technical certifications (Microsoft, Cisco, ITIL, FileNet) and an Associate Degree in IT (University of Massachusetts, Lowell).  For almost 6 years, he continued his work as an IT Support Manager for a Managed Service Provider in Sydney, Australia.  [The dream hidden away.]

Jason is not religious in every way, but he has a strong faith in God.  Various hardships and situations (both good and bad) came to his life, but he survived them all in God’s grace.  In a moment of clarity, he realised that he must give back and share the blessings.  [The dream awakened by thanksgiving and praise.]

CP3 IT Services is now a reality.  Apart from our mission and vision, we are driven with another aim.  We will give back and share our blessings by faithfully allocating/giving 10% of our proceeds to various charities, churches, and the community. This percentage will increase as we go along the journey.  

Dream.  Share our vision.

Organisations We Currently Support

Our Logo

Our logo design features the CP3 initials stylised to look like a computer monitor.  Right at the centre is a cross, representing our core values.